Murdock London Body Care

Explore Murdock London's range of body care products, each item designed with the modern man's wellbeing in mind. Murdock London's body care range offers a luxurious fusion of cleansing and moisturizing products that ensure refreshed and well-groomed skin from head to toe.

Murdock London understands that true grooming goes beyond the face; it's a full-body experience. That's why they offer a range of products, including energizing shower gels, nourishing body lotions and effective deodorants, all created to meet the special needs of the modern man. Each formula is enriched with the finest natural ingredients that cleanse, hydrate and revitalize the skin, leaving it feeling ultimate purity and freshness.

Murdock London's body care products are designed not only to care for the skin, but also to stimulate the senses with subtle and masculine fragrance notes that complement your personal style. From the refreshing morning shower to the relaxing evening bath, Murdock London's body care products add a touch of luxury to your daily routine.

Make Murdock London's body care products an integral part of your grooming routine and experience a new standard in body care. Whether for everyday use or as a special treat, Murdock London offers what you need to feel refreshed, renewed and full of confidence. Take the step towards more comprehensive care and let Murdock London transform your daily body care into an experience of pure luxury.

Murdock Deodorant, Black Tea, 75 gr.
Effective deodorant with refreshing notes.
Murdock Body Wash, Black Tea, 250 ml.
Cleansing, invigorating and refreshing body wash.
Murdock Cologne, Black Tea, 100 ml.
Enthralling blend of spices, cedar and amber.
Murdock Cologne, Patchouli, 100 ml.
Delicious, intense fragrance with a warm, sensual expression.
Murdock Cologne, Avalon, 100 ml.
Characteristic and refreshing blend of herbal and citrus notes.
Murdock Cologne, Vetiver, 100 ml.
Clean scent with citrus and muted woody notes.
Murdock Cologne, Black Tea, 50 ml.
Enthralling blend of spices, cedar and amber.