Sedef Shavette, Black

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A classic shavette for use with Derby Half Blades.

With a Sedef Shavette you can try your hand with a straight razor, without having to grind and maintain the blade. You simply change the blade when needed.

The first time you use your Sedef Shavette and need to insert a blade, the blade may be a bit difficult to get into the groove as this can be very tight. In this case, you can take a drawing pin and pull it through the groove so that the holder does not close quite so tightly.

Insert the half blade from one side (gently!) And make sure the blade fits straight into the holder. Then push the end of the blade against a hard edge until the blade fits properly into the shavet.

The shavette comes without razor blades.

A Sedef Shavets are likely to have some small scratches in plastic and metal as they are delivered collectively to Proshave from our supplier. However, the scratches are cosmetic only and do not affect your shaving.
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Sedef 001 Black