Guide: How to grow a beard

Full beard - Why?

In the past, men wanted a clean-shaven look without facial stubble, but fashion and times have changed and many now want a large and full full beard that oozes masculinity.

Not everyone is naturally able to grow a delicious, lush full beard. With the tips below, you are well on your way if you are one of the lucky ones who has a strong facial beard growth.

Above all, growing a full beard requires commitment and patience. Next, the care itself is the most important thing in order to optimize beard growth.
How do I grow a full beard?

How do I grow a full beard?

Step 1. Don't shave.
Let the beard grow completely without shaving as you normally do.
Take a break from your scraping and sleep in a little longer in the morning instead.

As a rule of thumb, you should count on not picking at your beard particularly much for the first 8 weeks. However, it is a good idea to trim it a little on the sides if there are some hairs that start to stand out.

There are no definite rules for how a full beard should be shaped, but most people can agree that a neck beard does not work. We would therefore recommend that you trim the beard on your neck.

Imagine a line running from each ear down to a point on the neck, two finger widths above your Adam's apple - this is where the line for the beard should go. Use a scraper to make a marked line. As the beard grows longer, you can continue to maintain this line with the scraper. Others prefer to make a smooth transition from neck to beard with a trimmer. If you are in doubt about where the edge of your beard should go, you can read the guide aboutwhere to trim your beard lines
Step 2. Wash the beard with a beard shampoo
Your beard needs at least as much attention as your hair. Wash it regularly with a good and caring beard shampoo that has been manufactured so that it washes and cares for the beard and is also gentle on the delicate skin on the face. The shampoo removes dirt, pollution and food residues that a beard typically "collects" over the course of a day.
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Step 3. Use a beard balm or beard oil to relieve itching.
It is normal for the skin under the beard to itch quite a bit at first when your stubble approaches a length of 1-2 centimetres. Therefore, make sure to use a beard balm or a beard oil and get the product right up to the face, so that both the beard and the skin underneath get a turn.

A beard balm or beard oil reduces discomfort, redness and irritation by softening your stubble and soothing the skin underneath. At Proshave we have a large selection of beard balm and beard oils of very high quality.
Step 4. Use a face scrub
It is a good idea to use a facial scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells and stimulate hair growth. It gives you a better-looking beard that oozes well-groomed.
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Step 5. Trim your stubble
If you want a full beard, it's important that you don't just let it grow wild. It needs to be trimmed to keep it nice and well-groomed, and it can therefore require just as much work as if you have a completely clean-shaven face. Use a trimmer or scissors to adjust the edges and length so that the beard is sharp and under control. Here you can read more about how to trim your beard.
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Step 6. Use a brush or comb
A beard comb or brush is a must for those who want a nice full beard. A comb/brush removes dust, dirt and excess product, leaving the beard smooth, even and shiny without filters. Regular brushing is also very good for the skin and prevents a dry beard.

It is optimal to use your brush or comb after you have applied your beard oil or beard balm. You can possibly read more about how to tame the beard here
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Step 7. Style your full beard with a wax
Use a beard wax to style and manage your full beard. The wax gives you a good hold, leaves the beard fragrant and keeps it in place all day. Simply warm the wax between your fingertips before use and apply as you would normally use your hair wax.
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