Guide: Find the right stand for your shaving brush and razor

Why do I need a stand for my shaving gear?

A stand is essential so that you can enjoy your shaving equipment for many years to come. By hanging your shaving brush and/or razor on the stand after your daily shave, excess water can run off. This is especially important for your shaving brush, as it maintains its shape, function and performance much better if it air dries with the bristles facing down.

As a bonus, your exclusive item can be shown and decorate in the bathroom.
Do the stands fit all shaving brushes and razors?

Do the stands fit all shaving brushes and razors?

No. Unfortunately, there is not a universal holder that fits all shaving brushes and razors. This is because the razor typically varies in height, knot size and shaft size. A stand that fits a shaving brush from a given brand does not necessarily fit a similar shaving brush from another brand.

It is basically a good idea that your shaving brush and stand come from the same brand. However, you may be lucky that your shaving brush also fits together with other holders, but this again depends on the size.

How do I find the right stand?

In fact, we recommend that you get a stand together with your shaving brush. In this way, you can ensure that the stand fits the exact brush size you have purchased.

If you don't have the courage to buy the stand right away, it's a really good idea to keep the receipt on your shaving brush. You quickly forget which model and size you bought, so it's nice to have a receipt to go back to when one day you want to expand your shaving equipment with a holder (and that day will come, we bet).
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Are there different types of stands?

Yes, there are. At Proshave we have a large selection of stands from some of the world's leading manufacturers.

Some stands are produced to only have space for your shaving brush or to only have space for your razor, while others have space for both a shaving brush and a razor. You will also find stands that come with a shaving bowl so you can easily lather up the shaving cream or shaving soap.

Many stands are made of chrome, but you will also find luxury stands in steel and stainless steel or some cheaper versions in plastic that you can hang on the wall.

We have many stands from ex. Mühle Shaving. Mühle's range of shaving brushes and razors is divided into different series (Classic, Hexagon, Kosmo, Liscio, Purist, Rocca, Rytmo, Sophist, Stylo, Traditional, Vivo, Edition etc.) and their stands are made accordingly, so they fit a (sometimes several) specific series. A Kosmo stand therefore only fits the shaving equipment in the Kosmo series, and therefore cannot have the Traditional products hanging.