Guide: Get a nice and well-groomed beard in just 2 weeks!

A full beard can easily look a bit dry, dull and unkempt, but it certainly doesn't have to be that way. With these few simple steps, you are well on your way to a beautiful, well-groomed and fragrant beard!

Follow the 5 steps below - and you are guaranteed to experience both visible and noticeable results within 10-14 days!
1. Wash
Wash your beard with a good and caring beard shampoo. A proper beard shampoo is made so that it washes and cares without being harsh on the delicate skin on the face. Rinse out the shampoo and proceed to step 2 :-)
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2. Dry the beard
Dry your face and beard gently. Your beard must be towel-dried. Run your beard brush or comb through the beard so that it is not tangled. It's easiest to do right after drying and also makes it easier when you need to apply the beard oil.
3. Apply beard oil
Take a few drops of beard oil in your hand and massage it into the beard. Expect to use 3-4 drops for a short beard and 6-7 drops for a long beard. If you prefer a creamier consistency, you can apply a beard balm instead. Warm it up between your palms before applying it to your beard.
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4. Distribute the oil in the beard with a comb or brush
Make sure to comb the oil thoroughly into the beard. You can of course just use your hands and fingers, but you can use a beard comb or a beard brush to your advantage. A beard comb or a beard brush makes it all much easier, provides a better and more even distribution of the oil and thus a better result. If you regularly comb your beard with a beard comb or a beard brush, you also avoid small knots and beard hairs that stick together.
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5. Get right to the skin
Make sure to get right up to the skin, so the whole beard gets a turn. A good beard oil also cares for the skin and reduces itching and irritation. In other words - Don't forget the skin under the beard in your daily routine.