Proshave recommends - Pomade

What is a Pomade?

A pomade is the perfect styling product for you who want a nice, shiny hairstyle. A pomade creates a classic, shiny wet look and is also characterized by the fact that it does not dry out the hair. A pomade is especially good for you with long and medium hair.
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How to use a pomade

It is an advantage to apply a pomade to damp hair (but not wet). Take a shower, dry your hair as usual and apply the pomande before the hair is completely dry. Alternatively, you can wet your hair during the hand wash and dry it with a towel.

Our experience is that a pomade is much easier to work with on damp hair than on dry hair. There are of course some who are of a different opinion and think the best result comes if the hair is dry. Finally, give it a try and see what works for you.

When you are about to start the actual styling, you first take out an appropriate amount of pomade in your hand. Contrary to a wax, you should not only have it on the fingertips, but preferably all over the palm. How much you need to use depends on the thickness and texture of your hair. Thick, curly hair will typically use more product than fine and thin hair. The more pomade you apply, the more 'Grease' look you will achieve. You naturally have a lot of options when it comes to styling. Many finish by running a comb through the hair, while others prefer to use their hands. When you use a pomade, you can either style the hair with a side part, slicked back or a classic rock'n roll pompadour with lots of volume.

Which pomade should I choose?

At Proshave we have a large selection of fantastic pomades for your hair. Below we have collected the most popular and best-selling pomades. We hope the examples give you an idea of which pomade you should choose:
Daimon Barber Fixing Pomade
Daimon Barbers Fixing Pomade is a natural hair styling product specially formulated for men. The pomade is water-based and gives the hair medium shine and a super strong hold that lasts all day. Perfect for extreme, wild and spiky hairstyles that can be difficult to keep in place. Contains hydrogenated waxes and nourishing oils that provide moisture to hair and scalp.
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Percy Nobleman Pomade
Take control of your hair with this pomade from Percy Nobleman. It gives a shiny look and a strong hold. The pomade is water-based and is thus easy to wash out of the hair again. The pomade is made to help you achieve the perfect look effortlessly, and it also makes your hairstyle last all day! We recommend you use the pomade on damp hair and then use a brush or comb to set the hairstyle perfectly.
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Truefitt & Hill Brilliantine Pomade
This pomade from Truefitt & Hill is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to achieve a sharp, slicked-back 1920s look. Brillantine Pomade provides strong hold and a shiny, healthy look. Perfect for medium and long hair. The pomade has the most wonderful scent. Its top notes originate from sea salt, citrus and spicy pepper. The heart notes are based on a floral heart of jasmine, heliotrope and iris, while the woody base notes consist of amber, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli and musk.
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