Guide: How to create coziness and atmosphere at home

Fantastic Scented Candles

Fantastic Scented Candles

Start the autumn atmosphere in your home or spice up a romantic dinner with delicious scented candles. Both scents and lighting can help create the coziest atmosphere, so why not have a product that does both? A scented candle is an easy and quick way to create a wonderful environment with its fragrant properties. At Proshave you can buy fantastic scented candles in a multitude of delicious fragrance variants that are guaranteed to suit your taste!

The scented candles from Floris have a high level of pure fragrance oils that contribute to a rich and fragrant atmosphere in your home. The candles are handmade with blended wax to ensure an even burn.

In addition to contributing to a cozy and fragrant atmosphere, a scented candle is also very decorative and super nice to have standing out front!
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Room fragrances

Room fragrances

A Room Fragrance from Floris is a simple and effective way to create a subtly fragrant atmosphere and improve the environment in your home. The perfumed fragrance spray is easy to use and ensures that your home can quickly smell nice and clean.

You will find them in different, delicious varieties. One with Cinnamon and Mandarin, which is absolutely perfect in December to create a Christmas atmosphere. The green floral scent with Hyacinth and Bluebell or the fresh version with Grapefruit and Rosemary. You can also buy a room fragrance with Lavender and Mint, which is floral with a fresh twist, and one with Sandalwood and Patchouli, which brings thoughts to the forest floor.

All Room Fragrances are delivered in a beautiful glass bottle that will decorate your home.
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