Plastic Razors are the new plastic straws

In recent times, plastic straws and plastic bags have filled much of the debate here at home, because our oceans are polluted with plastic waste.

At Proshave, we want to take the debate further - and focus on the fact that most men and women use a razor made of plastic on a daily or weekly basis.

Back in the early 90s, the US Environmental Protection Agency reported that the US produced 2 billion disposable razors and razor blades. According to a recent report from Statista, 163 million consumers in the US used disposable razors in 2018. One can only (sadly) assume that the majority of those 163 million disposable razors have since been disposed of and ended up in the ocean as plastic pollution. And here we are only talking about the USA. What does the situation look like in Denmark, Europe and the rest of the world?

Some may think that plastic razors can be recycled together with plastic. However, the problem with these razors is that they are composed of several different materials, which makes them a challenge to recycle properly. The handle is typically made of plastic, but may also have rubber details glued on. The small razor blades are made of metal, but sit in a plastic frame. In other words, they are difficult to handle in a separation process. In addition, these razors also pose a safety risk to the waste workers if they are not disposed of correctly.


But luckily there is a more environmentally friendly alternative to your normal plastic razor. Or probably more like an upgrade. Because you won't have to compromise in any way - and you won't miss your old razor either.

The durable and environmentally friendly choice is a Safety Razors - also called a Safety Razor. A Safety Razor is a classic razor that is not only comfortable to use, but has also been a symbol of sustainability for decades.

A Safety Razor is typically made of steel or metal (rather than plastic) – and is designed to outlast its owner. Once you have bought a Safety Razor, it can follow you for the rest of your life, as long as you take good care of it.

Not only good for the environment - also good for your skin
In addition to being environmentally friendly, a Safety Razor is also recognized for causing less irritation on the skin - and is thus good for even sensitive and sensitive skin. A Safety Razor uses the classic Double Edge Razor blades, which only have one blade. The fewer blades your razor has, the gentler it is on the skin. The Safety Razors' blade is sharp and gives you an unrivaled and ultra-close shave with just a single stroke over the skin.

A Safety Razors blade is made of stainless steel. This means that they are also fully recyclable.
Great financial benefits - save a fortune on razor blades
But choosing a Safety Razor is not only good for the environment and your skin. It is actually also an advantage from an economic perspective. A Safety Razor blade only costs under half a Euro each. You are probably used to paying exorbitant prices for multi-blade razor blades from the market-leading manufacturers. But you no longer need that if you choose a Safety Razor! The cheap razor blades also mean that you tend to change the razor when you need to - instead of prolonging the life of the razor and using it a little longer than you really should. And since a sharp razor blade is everything when it comes to an irritation-free shave, the economic aspect will also have a positive effect on your skin.
A decorative object in the bathroom
A Safety Razor also has the great advantage that it forms a nice decoration in the bathroom compared to the neon-coloured, vibrating plastic razors. A Safety Razor is actually not something that needs to be hidden away in a drawer, but can be left out front in a beautiful holder that has been made just for the purpose.

Say no to the use-and-throw-away culture - Choose shaving equipment made from durable and sustainable materials