How many shaves can you get with only one safety razor blade?

We often get the question "How many shaves can I get with a double edge razor blade?"

Unfortunately, it is not quite that simple, because there are many different factors that come into play:

Firstly, there is a very big difference between skin, beard, beard growth and the sensitivity of the skin - and of course there is also a difference in which razor, angle of the blade and how hard you press.
There is therefore not one answer that necessarily applies to everyone.

Another thing is that in the first place it is actually grease, beard residue and dead skin cells that form a film on the blade and make it appear dull.

If you want, you can easily maintain the blade and get many (!) shaves out of the same, cheap double edge blade.

Søren, one of our very experienced users, at one point did a test with control groups and all. After use, he gave the blade a slide on a RazorPit - a silicone plate made specifically to clean the blade - and this way he got more than 100 shaves with the same double edge blade.

You can see the test here

There are probably very few people who bother to maintain a razor blade that is so cheap as a double edge blade is. It must also be said that Søren did it solely for the sake of the experiment.

... But now for the answer to the question that started it all:

Personally, I would say 5-6 good shaves with a blade.

But most importantly: change the blade when you think it starts to drag instead of cutting cleanly.
You already save a fortune on the razor blades after you switch to a Safety Razor - so remember to replace the blade at the right time. In this way, you also avoid irritations.

Brose / Proshave