Proshave recommends - Beard Shampoo

What is a Beard Wash?

A beard shampoo removes dirt, dust and food residues that a beard typically "collects" over the course of a day. Your beard needs at least as much attention as your hair, but you shouldn't use regular hair shampoo in your beard! And why not, you might be thinking? A beard shampoo is specially made to wash, clean and care for the beard, and at the same time takes into account the delicate skin on the face. It therefore adds moisture and care to the skin, instead of drying it out, as many hair shampoos will do.

How to use a beard shampoo?

A beard shampoo is quite simple to use. You can advantageously keep your beard shampoo standing under the shower, so that you can easily and quickly wash your beard when you have the water on anyway. A beard shampoo is used in a wet beard. Use a small amount, lather into the beard and massage into the stubble. Finally, rinse the face in warm water and dry the beard with a towel. For optimal results, finish with a beard oil or beard balm.
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Which beard shampoo should I choose?

At Proshave we have a large selection of fantastic beard shampoos for men. Below we have collected the most popular and best selling beard shampoos. We hope the examples give you an idea of which one to choose:
Percy Nobleman Beard Wash, 100 ml.
Keep your beard clean and delicious with this beard shampoo from Percy Nobleman. A unique combination of the ultimate natural ingredients, created to clean your beard in the best way, while helping to maintain a balance of the good, natural oils. The shampoo is made from a mixture of sesame oil and coconut oil, shea butter and natural flower water. It contains essential oils that smell of cedar and lime. Leaves a mild, fresh citrus aroma. After use, you will notice that your beard is now shiny and much smoother, making styling a much easier process.
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Mario Lorenzin 1975 Beard Wash, 50 ml.
This beard shampoo keeps the beard clean and healthy and has a nice, softening effect. The beard shampoo is made with extracts from the radicchio plant, which has some very unique and beneficial properties. Radicchio is known to clean the skin and hair and remove dirt and grease without destroying the pH balance or drying out the skin and hair follicles. The beard shampoo does not foam up, but has a fantastic cleansing effect on both beard and skin. The shampoo is thin and takes a long time to use. 5-10 drops are enough.
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Mr. Bear Beard Wash, 250 ml.
This mild beard shampoo is produced by hand and made from 100% natural ingredients. It is specially made to meet the needs of your beard, so that it cares and moisturizes as well as removes dirt and grime. The shampoo has a calming effect on irritated skin and is both moisturizing and anti-bacterial. It makes your beard easier to save by softening and removing any tangles. The beard shampoo is available in different fragrance variants.
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Proraso Beard Wash, 200 ml.
Proraso has created a gentle but effective beard shampoo that helps you clean your beard and skin. The shampoo does not lather that much, but instead works to soften and smooth your beard as well as remove dirt and bad smell. Can be used daily when you stand under the shower! Comes with a practical pump so it can be dosed easily. Available in four different scents.
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