Proshave recommends - Clay

What is a Clay Wax?

A clay is a hair wax with a clay consistency, as the name suggests. A clay therefore contains clay, which gives a dull and drier look than you achieve with another styling product. A clay also gives volume without weighing down the hair, and adds nourishment to the hair and scalp, as it has a high content of minerals. A clay can vary from having a thick consistency to being more creamy. A clay wax is especially recommended for men with short and medium-length hair who want a full look and at the same time avoid a shiny finish.
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How to use a clay

It is our experience that a clay is easiest to apply and work with when the hair is dry or towel-dried. Start by taking out an appropriate amount of clay in your hand, warm the wax between your palms and then apply the product to your hair. You naturally have more options when it comes to styling. Whether you choose to finish by running a comb through the hair or not depends on the look you want. If you want to achieve a tousled, random look, just use your fingers to run through the hair.

Which clay should I choose?

At Proshave we have a large selection of fantastic texture clays for your hair. Below we have collected the most popular and best-selling clays. We hope the examples give you an idea of which clay to choose:
Daimon Barber Texture Clay
Daimon Barber's Texture Clay is a natural hair styling product which is good for both short and slightly longer hairstyles. The wax is made from a mixture of clay, wax and oils. It cares for the hair while providing a strong hold and a matte finish. Water-based and therefore easy to wash out with shampoo. The hair is left with a delicious, natural and healthy appearance.
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Percy Nobleman Matt Clay
This matt clay from Percy Nobleman provides a strong hold and a matt finish. It is absolutely fantastic for creating definition and texture in the slightly shorter hairstyles. When used on dry hair, it provides control and a nice, matte finish. If you use it on wet hair, you will achieve a little more shine. The clay allows you to re-style if a refresh is needed during the day.
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Truefitt & Hill Euchrisma Clay
Truefitt & Hill's Euchrisma Clay helps restore hair's natural vitality and shine. The perfect choice for a gentleman aiming for a naturally styled, textured, matte look that lasts all day. This clay has a fresh fougere scent and is made especially for short or fine hair. Apply to dry or damp hair.
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Mr. Bear Matt Clay
The super delicious clay hair wax from Mr. Bear combines clay and beeswax, and the result is nothing short of excellent. The product is made from natural ingredients, which provide a light to medium hold and a nice, matte finish. Keeps the hairstyle in place all day. Water-based and thus easy to wash out with shampoo. Really good for short hair.
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