Guide: Get soft and well-groomed feet

Fight calluses and dryness on the feet

Fight calluses and dryness on the feet

Many men and women suffer from calluses on their feet and heels. It looks unkempt - and can even become a painful condition if the dry skin develops into cracked heels and cracked heels.

However, with the optimal care products and the right equipment, you can quickly get beautiful, well-groomed feet that are worth showing off in sandals.

When it comes to foot care, it is important to remember that it is far better to take preventive care of your feet than to repair an injury. Once you've gotten over the calluses, you should therefore continue to care for your feet - otherwise the calluses and dry skin will just come back. You should give your feet the same care and attention that you give the rest of your body. Among other things, this applies to keeping the skin on your feet moisturized - just as you give your face and body daily moisturizing care.

Step by step: Beautiful feet and soft heels

Below we have created a guide on how to get soft, well-groomed feet in record time.

If you have 5-10 minutes to spare, you can start by taking a foot bath to soften your feet.
1. Foot planer / Foot file / Callus remover

1. Foot planer / Foot file / Callus remover

Peel off the hard and dead skin with a foot planer. A foot planer is equipped with a sharp razor blade, and is thus the most effective way to remove very tough calluses. Use it primarily on the heels. Take a little at a time - and only the outermost layer. The blade of the foot planer is very sharp and must therefore be used with great care. Better proceed a little too carefully to avoid injury.

When you have finished using the foot planer, you can file the skin with a foot file.

If you do not have extremely rough feet, but just dry skin, we would recommend that you ditch the foot planer and start with the foot file instead. A foot file is a bit more gentle on the skin, but is still a very effective tool to use in the pursuit of beautiful, well-groomed feet.

A foot planer and foot file can be used on both dry and damp skin. It is most gentle to do it on wet or damp skin.
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2. Foot Scrub

2. Foot Scrub

We have a super delicious foot scrub from LEA in the range. The foot scrub exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells and rough skin on the feet. It contains salicylic acid and apricot kernels, which exfoliate and remove the hard, dry skin.

Don't be fooled by the low price - the foot scrub is super effective and will quickly make your feet appear both soft and well-groomed.

Used in the following way:
Use the foot scrub 2-3 times a week either in connection with a foot bath or in the shower. LEA's foot scrub can be used both on moist skin after a foot bath or on dry skin before going under the shower.

Apply the scrub to the skin in a thin layer and then scrub the feet thoroughly with rubbing movements. Rinse off with water and finish with a good and thorough wipe.
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3. Foot Cream

3. Foot Cream

The skin under your feet often becomes dry, hard and cracked. The most frequent cause of this condition on the feet and heels is a lack of moisture. If your skin is dry, it will be less elastic and thus more likely to crack.

A good foot cream is therefore alpha and omega when it comes to foot care. In our range you will find, among other things, a really nice foot cream from LEA for very cheap money. The foot cream helps restore rough, dry and cracked heels. It contains allantoin and glycerin, which have a nurturing and softening effect - as well as Menthol, which cools and refreshes tired feet.

Our foot creams are fast-absorbing, so you avoid the greasy feeling.

Used in the following way
Use a foot cream daily, as frequent use prevents the formation of calluses. Massage your feet into the cream and leave the cream on. You can use an extra thick layer if you put it on before bed - and wear socks overnight. That way, the cream doesn't dry off in your bedding.
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4. Nail scissors / Nail nippers

4. Nail scissors / Nail nippers

When the skin on the feet itself has been cared and wellgroomed, it's time for the last step: the nails. You absolutely must not forget the nails if your feet are to appear well-groomed and well-kept.

Some people prefer to trim their toenails with large nail clippers, while others are more into nail scissors. If you have very thick nails that are difficult to cut, you can use nail pliers rather than nail scissors or clippers. A nail clipper cuts even the thickest man nails with great accuracy and the result is super nice. Whichever tool you prefer, be careful not to cut too far down the sides, as you risk ingrown nails.
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