Guide: How to bring your shaving gear with you on the go

We often get a lot of questions about the best way to take care of your shaving equipment when you're on the go. Do you simply put your razor and shaving brush in the toiletry bag? Does it need to dry first? Do you have to take out the razor blade before taking the razor with you? The questions may be many - but we have tried to make it easier for you. Below we have collected the equipment you need if you have to bring your shaving equipment in your sports bag for training, on the weekend trip or on holiday.
Storage of Razors

Storage of Razors

Covers and cases
In relation to storing your razor, the easiest thing is to acquire a cover for the razor, which protects it and the blade optimally. In that way, you can put the razor down in the cover, without first taking out the razor blade.

The easiest thing is to get a cover for the razor, which protects the razor and the blade, so you can put the razor down in it without having to take the blade out first.

That way, you don't damage the toilet bag, risk cutting yourself or dull the razor blade, as if the razor had been lying loose with an open blade.

There are several different options when it comes to choosing a cover. In the end, it also depends on which razor you want to transport, just as wishes for materials and price can come into play.
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Blade Guard for Razor
A blade guard is pulled down over the head of the razor and protects the blade from contact. You therefore do not need to take the razor blade out of the razor when you have to take it with you. 

You can also easily use a blade protector on your razor when it is just standing in the bathroom, if you are worried that your children will touch it, for example. 

Mühle has made a very popular version in plastic for both Safety Razors, Fusion Razors, Mach3 Razors and Mühle Companion Razors. And otherwise Rockwell has made a blade guard in leather.
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Storage of Shaving Brush

Storage of Shaving Brush

Protection tube
The most important thing when traveling with your shaving brush is that you remember to take it out of the bag and let it air dry if it is damp. A day's travel is no problem at all, but don't leave a wet shaving brush in your toiletry bag for several days in a row. Make sure that the brush is not pressed too hard or that the hairs are broken when transporting your shaving brush. We have produced a protective tube which provides optimal conditions for your brush when you are on the move.
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Shaving brush in travel size
You can also choose to buy a travel brush and thus leave your regular shaving brush at home when you are away from home. A travel brush is made especially for travel use. Here, the brush head can typically be removed and turned around so that the handle protects the brush. Travel brushes are available in several different weight classes, price levels and brush classifications.
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Leather bag / Wash bag

Leather bag / Wash bag

If you want the ultimate solution, take a look at Mühle's leather bag in either a large or small version.

In the small version, you have space for your razor, your shaving brush and a single product such as shaving cream in a tube or a shave stick. In the large bag, you have room for several razors and shaving brushes and of course your products, so you can also get the perfect shave while you're away.
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