Rockwell 2C Adjustable Safety Razor, White Chrome

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Adjustable Safety razor from Rockwell. Say goodbye to razor burn and say hello to perhaps the most comfortable shave in your life.

The 2C razor is the perfect adjustable razor for those who want to try their hand at Rockwell's patented adjustability.

The advantage of buying an adjustable razor from Rockwell is that you have the opportunity to customize the razor to your skin type as well as the length and roughness of your beard stumps. Rockwell 2C has two settings, namely settings 1 and 3, which are the most popular (6C and 6S razors have 6 settings). The sizes refer to the angle and distance between the razor blade and the razor. Option 1 provides the gentlest shave and ideal for you with fine, short beard stubble or sensitive skin. Option 3 is a bit rougher, but still good for delicate skin.

The adjustable sizes allow everyone to get a tight and comfortable shave.

The design of the razor is almost as incredible and flawless as the shaving you get. This 2C razor is made with a light finish, but is also available in gunmetal, which is a darker version.

The razor has a perfect weight that is balanced to give a smooth glide over the skin.

Of course, you will find a matching holder so you can have the razor standing in the front of the bathroom.
Razor type:
Closed comb (DE)
Item number:RR-2C-WC