Rockwell 6C Adjustable Safety Razor, White Chrome

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An innovative razor that makes up the razor motto that "One size fits all". Men's skin type as well as the thickness and length of beard stumps, and this should be taken into account by Rockwell.

Rockwell has therefore made this razor with a whole 6 different settings. In other words, the razor provides 6 different shaves - so you can find the one that works best for you.

This 6C razor comes with three interchangeable base plates. Each base plate can be flipped to a total of two sizes - one on each side. The sizes refer to the angle and distance between the razor blade and the razor.

Plate A)
Has size 1 on one side and size 3 on the other. Provides a gentle shave.
Option 1 is perfect for men with fine, short beards or sensitive skin.

Plate B)
Has size 2 on one side and size 4 on the other. Provides a medium shave.

Plate C)
Has size 5 on one side and size 6 on the other. Provides an aggressive shave.
Option 6 is suitable for men with coarse or longer stubble.

The weight of the shank is balanced to give the razor an effortless slide across the skin.

The razor is chrome-plated with a light finish.

Of course, you will find a matching holder so you can have the razor standing in the front of the bathroom.

Made in the USA.
Razor type:
Closed comb (DE)
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