Geo F Trumper Safety Razor Horn

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Experience a premium shave with this sleek and elegant safety razor from Geo F. Trumper's PB series.

This razor is designed with soft contours that ensure a safe and comfortable grip, making your shave both comfortable and precise.

Special features and benefits:

- Ergonomic design: The soft contours of the razor give you a solid grip, which makes shaving easy and safe.
- Traditional shaving: Perfect for those who appreciate the classic shaving experience with safety razor blades.
- Material and details: The handle is made of beautiful, imitation horn, combined with elegant chrome-plated brass details, giving the razor a sophisticated look.

You can find a shaving brush in the same material to create a stylish and cohesive set.
Furthermore, you can purchase a dedicated holder from Geo F. Trumper, designed for the PB products, you can elegantly store your shaving equipment and let it decorate the bathroom.

Proshave's recommendation:

Make sure to keep your razor and shaving brush in top shape by storing them properly and cleaning them regularly.
Combine with your favorite razor blades for the best shaving experience.

Please note:
Remember to order razor blades for your razor. You will find the selection of safety razor blades here

Experience an exceptional shave with this great safety razor from Geo F. Trumper. With its beautiful design and excellent functionality, it is a must-have for anyone who loves a traditional and stylish shave.
Razor type:
Closed comb (DE)
Item number:750214