High Proof Razor, Single Edge, Black Aluminum

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High Proof is quite simply a super delicious single edge razor! You can feel this clearly from the first moment you take the razor in your hand.

The razor is made of aluminum in a very fine processing grade and weighs only 22 g.
(Click on the additional image and specifications to see all measurements and details of the razor.)

There are several things that make a High Proof Razor completely unique:

1) The razor blade
The razor uses only one single edge blade (can be bought in boxes of 100 blades) or a regular double edge blade which breaks in the middle.
This means that the razor is extremely cheap to use - 100 single edge blades typically cost between EUR 9 and EUR 10. A razor blade therefore costs under EUR 0.1 ech.

2) Magnetic details
The blade and top plate are held magnetically - This means that it is extremely easy and quick to change the blade when needed.

You simply lift off the magnetic top plate, place the blade in place in the magnetic notch and click the top plate back on.

3) Flexible razor head
The razor has a flexible head and thus follows the contours of the face when you shave. Unlike many other flexible head razors, there are no springs or other mechanics to break.
This is also controlled by a couple of small magnets which ensure just the right resistance.

4) Stand is included
The razor comes with a small practical stand that can be attached via double-stick tape to, for example, a mirror, the wall, the cupboard door or in the shower niche, so that you can always get to the razor without it taking up space on the table or in the drawer. The stand is magnetic in the best High Proof style :-)

This version is made of black aluminium.

In other words:
With a High Proof Razor you have a razor for life and with very low prices per razor blade, the price of the razor is quickly financed.
22 gr.
110,7 mm.
45,7 mm.
Handle diameter:
1,27 mm.
Razor type:
Single Edge
Number of blades:
Item number:HPR Black