Supply The Single Edge Razor, Pro, Matte Black

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This razor is made specifically for experienced wet shaving enthusiasts (and professionals) who deserve a razor that matches their abilities. It is American Supply that is behind the unique razor that will make your shave reach new heights.

The razor is made of the absolute best and most durable materials. It oozes dedication, quality, durability and functionality down to the smallest detail. This also applies to the box in which the razor is delivered.

In the box you get:

1) Supply The Single Edge razor, Pro, Matte Black
Single Edge Pro is designed to give you the most customized shave ever!

The innovative thing about this Single Edge Pro razor is that the razor head has 6 different main settings built in - and 30 different micro settings. That is, adjustment of less than 1 mm. (0.7 mm). Possibly the expert precision you have been waiting for!

You can easily switch between the settings with just a flick of the thumb.

The Pro razor allows the experienced hand to get a completely unsurpassed fit and continuously adjust the aggressor's aggressiveness.

Think of it a bit like an electric trimmer at your hairdresser, where a change in the blade setting affects how close you cut. With this razor you can regulate how much the blade is visible, and thus the density of your shave.

The razor is suitable for all skin types, as you can easily adjust the aggressiveness. And it's not for beginners.

2) Supply Single Edge Razor Blades, Black Label, 8 pcs
The razor blades are in many ways reminiscent of a classic Safety razor blade, but are twice as thick and have only one sharp side. The Single Edge razor blade is super sharp, glides easily over the skin and provides an even shave.

The razor blades are located in an injector. It is via this injector that the razor blades are 'shot' into the razor. The trick is that you put the injector up to the razor and slide a slider back and forth. The slider ensures that the old razor blade is pressed out while the new razor blade is inserted. It is super easy and convenient, and means that you do not have to touch the razor blade at any time.

Everyone changes razor blades at different intervals due to the fact that skin, hair and preferences are individual. That said, most customers get 8 to 10 shaves out of each Supply blade. A single pack of eight leaves can last up to three months if you shave 5-6 times a week.

The design of the razor is in a class of its own, and perfect for any minimalist bathroom. Of course, you have the option of buying a holder that is made specifically for the razor so that it can really come into its own.

The razor is produced by Alloy - a die-cast zinc alloy, coated with Aerospace grade PVD chrome. This Matte Black edition also has a black, matte finish.

How to shave with the razor:
- Start by applying a rich, protective shaving foam (possibly one you have made yourself from a shaving cream or shaving soap)
Supply has made it easy to find the perfect angle. Start by placing the razor head flat against your cheek. Take a few short, light downward strokes - with the razor head sliding against your skin. Then start turning the handle downwards - slowly let the blade come in contact with your skin - until the razor starts cutting the stumps. It will typically be at a 15 degree angle.
- Shave and rinse skin.
Finish with a soothing aftershave.
92 gr.
Razor type:
Single Edge
Number of blades:
Item number:SERP-MB