Leaf Shave The Twig Razor, Silver

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A brand new take on the all-classic Safety Razor: The Twig Razor. A single blade razor with a fixed razor head for use with a single, half razor blade (ie half safety razor blades also called half blades).

The razor is specially designed to be easy to use, gentle on your skin - and then it delivers a smooth shave that is better for the environment.

The Twig is super easy to use and does not require a long habituation period. Provides a perfect shave for the vast majority.

The razor can be used by both men and women - and is therefore excellent whether you use it for shaving facial hair, body hair, head shaving or intimate areas.

It is made with the smallest razor head on the market, and therefore does not fill the whole world. This makes it extra comfortable for, among other things, intimate shaving, shaving of armpits etc.

The Twig razor has a twist-to-open opening. The razor head is thus opened and closed by turning the bottom of the shaft, making it very easy to replace the razor blade.

As with other fixed-head Safety Razors, maintain a stable 30-degree angle between the blade and the skin. This is essential for the blade to grab the hairs and shave them off.

The Twig gives a normal and gentle shave and is good for even sensitive skin. It has a so-called medium aggressiveness. If you want a razor that takes a bit more, look at the The Thorn version, which has a medium + aggressiveness.

This edition is made in a nice silver color with a matte finish. Please note that the matte razors get patina a little lighter than the polished models.

The razor is delivered in a recyclable cardboard box.

Get a 100% plastic-free - and thus more sustainable - shave with The Twig Razor!

To insert the razor blades:
Open the blade holder by turning the bottom of the handle clockwise. Put a single razor blade in your holder. Then gently secure the blade by turning the bottom of the handle counterclockwise.

Holder for The Twig Razor
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Razor Blades for The Twig Razor
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The Twig
Razor type:
Single Edge
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Item number:100047-L