Floris Shaving Brush, Best Badger, Gold Plated Briar Wood

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This shaving brush is perfect for the man who wants the best quality razor. It ensures a formidable and comfortable shave every single time.

The brush is made of premium quality luxury hair. It is handmade in England and designed in genuine Briar wood with 24 carat gold.

Use the brush with your shaving soap or shaving cream and you get the most delicious creamy foam.

Apply your shaving cream to your face with the shaving brush in circulating motion. Thus, you exfoliate the skin and ensure that all beard stumps are lifted off the face. This gives you a smooth and irritation-free shave.

You will of course find an exclusive matching scraper.

[url = http: //www.proshave.dk/Guide-to-the-perfec... target = _blank] See Proshaves Guide to Ultimate Shaving! [/ url]

PLEASE NOTE that it is NOT possible to buy the holder from Floris separately.
If you want to hang the brush at some point, we recommend that you buy the complete shaving kit.
Gold plated briar wood
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Super Badger
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