Mühle Shaving Brush, Silvertip Fibre®, 21 mm, Kosmo, Black Resin

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Mühle makes world-class shaving equipment - and this shaving brush comes under the category.

The shaving brush is made with Silvertip Fiber®, which is a high-tech synthetic fiber that provides a high-quality shaving brush.

It is durable, durable and then dries quickly. All in all, a super good razor at a reasonable price.

Remember that your shaving brush should dry with your head down so as not to lose durability and shape. To this end, Mühle has made a smart holder - Then you can also have the razor brush to stand in the bathroom.

This shaving brush is a size Medium.
35 mm x 110 mm
100 g
Knot size:
21 mm.
Brush type:
Silvertip Fibre®
Item number:31 K 876