Horsehair Shaving Brush

Shaving brushes with horse hair are still relatively difficult to find on the market compared to shaving brushes with badger hair.

Shaving brushes with horse hair are nowhere near as coarse as boar-shaving brushes made of pig hair. The horse brushes can contain as much water as super badger and silver tip backs, thus giving you a super delicious shaving foam.

The hair is cut out of the horse's tail or tail. The animal has not been killed or harmed by the 'operation' and these razors are thus very animal friendly. Another benefit of a horse hair shaver is that they are very inexpensive when considering their performance and quality.

Note, however, that the brush may well have a slightly funny "wet horse" smell the first few times you use the brush. However, this will disappear as your shaves go.

LEA Shaving Brush, Horse Hair
Brush of horse hair. Knob size of 21 mm.