Mühle Shaving Brush, Silvertip Badger, 21 mm, Traditional, Rosegold

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A high quality shaving brush in the most beautiful rose gold color. Even your boyfriend wants this brush to stand up!

The brush is made in Silvertip Badger - the finest quality of natural badger hair, which is both soft and extremely durable. The shaving brush ensures a great shave, whether you prefer shaving cream or shaving soap.

With a knot size of 21 mm. is this shaving brush a size Medium.

On Proshave you will find a razor in matching color. If you need your new set - or just your razor - to stand in the bathroom, it might be an advantage to buy a holder for it.
Brush type:
Silvertip Badger
Knot size:
21 mm.
Item number:091 M 89 RG