Mühle Shaving Brush, Silvertip Badger, 21 mm, Classic, Olive Wood

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This shaving brush is part of the Mühles Classic series.

The handmade brush is classified as a Silvertip badger. Silvertip is a genuine badger brush in the absolute best quality and softness. With a silver tip brush, you are guaranteed a great shave, whether you choose to use shaving cream or shaving soap.

The shaving brush is made in olive wood. Olive wood has been appreciated since ancient times for its excellent material properties and warm color. Olive wood has been used for centuries to produce durable products or artistic objects.

The wood for this shaft has only been carefully dried for months before turning. After that, the surfaces have been dried, sealed with oil and finally the scabbard has been polished to achieve a silky finish.

Hang your shaving brush on a Mühle holder after using it, to best care for the bristles.

The knot size of this shaving brush is 21 mm. and the brush is thus designated as a size Medium.

Remember to see Proshave's guide to ultimate shaving.
Olive wood
Brush type:
Silvertip Badger
Knot size:
21 mm.
Item number:091 H 250