Plisson Shaving Brush, Russian Grey Badger & Night Blue, Essentiel, Size 12

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This shaving brush is produced by the world's oldest manufacturer of shaving brushes! Since 1808, Plisson has created shaving brushes of unsurpassed quality.

This brush is made with Russian Gray Badger, which is real badger hair. Russian Gray is the most affordable brush type from Plisson. Characteristically, the hairs are relatively firm and have a massaging, exfoliating and invigorating effect on the skin. It can lather any shaving cream or soap into a delicious shaving foam. Russian Gray Badger is ideal for those with dense and medium-thick stubble - or for those who appreciate feeling the bristles on the skin and at the same time have a wonderful shaving experience.

The shaving brush is a size 12, which is the standard size from Plisson. It has a knot size of 22 mm.

The handle is made of acrylic, which is a very durable material. It is soft and therefore super delicious to hold on to. Has a beautiful, dark blue color - and has Plisson's logo on it.

Manufactured and assembled by hand at Plisson's workshop in France.

Maintenance of shaving brush:
To maintain the quality of your shaving brush for many years, we recommend that you rinse it well after each shave. This is to remove all traces of cream or soap. Then gently dry it with a clean towel before hanging it on the holder. Read more in our guide here.

Guide to the ultimate shave:
Remember to see Proshave's guide to ultimate shaving.
105 mm.
Brush type:
Russian Grey Badger
Knot size:
22 mm.
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