LEA Shaving Soap & Shaving Foam

At this site, we are showing the assortment of shaving soaps and shaving cream from LEA. Attractive, good quality products at low prices that everyone can afford.

LEA shaving soaps ensure a smooth and close shave. Foam them with your favorite shaving brush and you are guaranteed a rich and exquisite shaving foam. The shaving soaps come in a stick, a bowl, and a refill.

Use the shaving cream on the days when you are extra busy but do not want to compromise on your proper shaving. The shaving cream does not require any preparation but is simply applied to the face, and then you can begin your daily shaving.

LEA Shaving Soap in Shavestick, 50 gr.
Shaving soap as practical shavestick.
LEA Shaving Foam, 250 ml.
Delicious shaving Foam for sensitive skin.
LEA Shaving Gel, 200 ml.
Protective shaving gel for sensitive skin.
LEA Classic Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl, 100 gr.
This shaving soap is good for sensitive skin.
LEA Classic Shaving Soap, Refill, 100 gr.
Shaving soap in refill. Good for sensitive skin.