LEA Classic Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl, 100 gr.

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Take your shaving routine to the next level with LEA Classic's specially developed shaving soap, created for sensitive skin and enriched with the enchanting scent of sandalwood and moss.

This shaving soap has been developed with gentleness in mind and is perfect for men with sensitive skin who want a shaving experience without irritation or discomfort.

When you use your shaving brush to apply this shaving soap, you will immediately feel the soft and creamy texture envelop your beard and skin with care and protection.

The luxurious foam softens your beard and creates a smooth surface that makes shaving a breeze, while protecting your skin from irritation and redness.

Finally, let's not forget the enchanting scent of sandalwood and moss that transforms your shaving routine into a sensual experience.

The subtle but distinctive fragrance leaves your skin delicately perfumed and gives you a feeling of well-being and luxury.

To make the experience even more elegant, the shaving soap is delivered in a nice wooden bowl that not only protects the soap, but also radiates timeless elegance and style in your bathroom.

When your soap is running low, don't worry - just buy a Refill (Item number: 31.067) to refill your bowl and continue enjoying the luxurious shaving experience.
A delicious shaving experience AND an environmentally friendly solution in one product? It must be win-win!

Turn your daily shaving routine into a moment of pure pampering and well-being with this gentle and fragrant shaving soap.
100 gr.
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