LEA Classic Shaving Soap, Refill, 100 gr.

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Give your LEA shaving soap in a wooden bowl new life with this practical refill, which contains the same luxurious formula as the original soap.

LEA Classic's refill is designed to give you the ultimate shaving experience with caring ingredients such as glycerin, lanolin and menthol that work in harmony to refresh, protect and soften your skin during shaving.

With this refill product, you can easily refill your LEA wooden bowl and continue to enjoy the benefits of a gentle and efficient shave.

The creamy consistency creates a rich and rich lather that lifts the beard and gives you a close and comfortable shave, while protecting your skin from irritation and cuts.

The Refill is more than just a replacement - it's a reminder of the daily ritual of self-care and well-being.

By investing in this suitable refill, you are investing in your own well-being and comfort every time you shave.

Give your shaving routine that extra touch of luxury and style with LEA shaving soap refill, and discover the difference by choosing the best for your skin!
100 gr.
7,7 cm.
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