Truefitt & Hill Hair & Styling

For more than two hundred years, Truefitt & Hill has been recognized as the finest traditional barber and perfumer in London. Being both the world's oldest barber salon and Royal Warrant Holder (supplier) to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh guarantees the quality of the products. The assortment is based on traditions and experience, but, of course, it incorporates results from the latest research.

Truefitt & Hill manufactures products for everything in shaving, care, and grooming. At this site, we are showing the assortment of products for your hair. It includes styling products such as wax, paste, clay, pomade, and various kinds of traditional hair lotions.

Truefitt & Hill Euchrism Clay, 100 gr.
Gives a matte look. Perfect for shorter hairstyles.
Truefitt & Hill Julep Paste, 100 gr.
Gives a strong yet flexible hold and a natural finish.
Truefitt & Hill CAR Lotion Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Hair water that makes your hair easier to style. Light hold.
Truefitt & Hill CAR Hair Cream (Oil Free), 200 ml.
Makes your hair soft, smooth and well-groomed.
Truefitt & Hill Tonic Lotion Special Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Hair water that freshens up the hair and provides control.
Truefitt & Hill Limnol Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Gives a medium to strong hold. With a refreshing lime-scent.
Truefitt & Hill Freshman Friction Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Hair water with menthol that stimulates the scalp.
Truefitt & Hill Athenian Water Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Hair water for fine hair. Stimulates the scalp and provides an easy hold.
Truefitt & Hill Monte Carlo (With Oil) Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Hair tonic with oil. Provides an easy hold and a healthy scalp.
Truefitt & Hill Eau de Portugal Hair Tonic, 200 ml.
Gives a light to medium hold for short and medium-long hair.