Travel Razor

On this site we have gathered our exclusive selection of travel razors from some of the leading manufacturers worldwide. With a good travel razor, you no longer have to compromise on proper shaving when on vacation, weekend stays or just away from home.

The razors in this category are smaller and more compact than the regular razors in our range. Some of them can even be separated into smaller parts and therefore need to be assembled quickly before you begin your daily shave. The compact design allows you to easily carry the razor with you, without having to load a lot in the toilet bag or hand luggage.

We have luxurious travel-sized razors that fit both Gillette Fusion razors and the classic double edge blades. They are made of various durable materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and chrome, all of which make your shaving a bit more fun.

Proshave Travel Set, Refresh
The ultimate travel set. Razor, Brush, Shaving Foam and Razor Blades.
Merkur Travel Razor in leather case
A super lightweight and compact travel razor.
Mühle Gillette Fusion Travel Razor, Metal
Compact Travel Razor. Fusion. Handle in Metal.