Proshave Straight Razor for replaceable blades, S3, Steel + 100 Derby Blades

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At Proshave we have produced a classic shavette for use with Half Blades.

This set includes:
1 x Proshave Shavette
100 x Derby Premium Half Blades

With a Proshave Shavette, you can try your hand at a straight razor, without having to sharpen and maintain the blade. You simply change the blade when needed.

The razor can be used with regular Double Edge Razor Blades, which simply need to be broken in half before being inserted. But you can of course also buy the ready-made Half Blades< /a> and use them directly in this shavette.

The Shavette is delivered incl. 100 Derby Premium Razor Blades.

This Shavette is made of steel.

See our guide to shaving with a Shavette here
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Item number:PS Straight S3 + Blades