Proraso Accessories

At this site, we are showing the elegant and exquisite accessories from Proraso.

You will find nice towels for your shaving, a comb and brush for your beard, and a nebulizer for your aftershave splash.

All the products are manufactured in Italy. They are of a really good quality and can be bought at incredibly low prices at Proshave.com.
Proraso Powder Box, Aluminium
Container for Aftershave Powder / Talcum.
Proraso Box & Aftershave Powder.
Aluminium Box and Aftershave Powder.
Proraso Shavette, Wooden handle
Gives you a perfect, traditional shave.
Proraso Old Style Beard Brush, 8.5 x 4 cm.
Beard brush made of nylon and natural hair.
Proraso Old Style Military Hair and Beard Brush, 10.7 x 6.3 cm
Brush for Hair and Beard. Made of nylon and natural hair.
Proraso Old Style Neck Brush
Brush with nylon hair. Handle of Wood.
Proraso Atomizer for 400 ml. bottles, Black
Atomizer for 400 ml. bottles from Proraso.
Proraso Spray with Atomizer
For Aftershave Lotion and Cologne.
Proraso Professional Dispenser for 1 kg. Shaving cream (Empty)
Easily apply the right amount of shaving cream to your shave.
Proraso Refreshing Cologne Tissues, Wood & Spice, 6 pcs.
An innovative new way to wear fragrance on the go. Offering freshness anytime, anywhere.
Proraso Shaving Bowl with handle, Plastic
Green shaving bowl with grip. Made of plastic.
Proraso Poster, 50 x 70 cm.
Poster oozing traditional shaving.
Proraso Blackboard, 48 x 58 cm.
Blackboard in beautiful wooden frame. For chalk.
Proraso Notebook
Old-school notebook in pocket size.
Proraso Classic Barber Cape
Barber Cape. Perfect for any barbershop, hairdresser or at home.
Proraso Barber Jacket, Str. M
Professional shaving jacket. Size M.
Proraso Barber Jacket, Str. L
Professional shaving jacket. Size L.
Proraso Barber Jacket, Str. XL
Professional shaving jacket. Size XL.
Proraso Barber Jacket, Str. XXL
Professional shaving jacket. Size XXL.
Proraso Barber Jacket, Str. S
Professional shaving jacket. Size S.
Proraso Luxury Gift Box for Shaving, Cypress & Vetiver
Complete set with everything you need for a perfect shave.