Proraso Shaving Bowl with handle, Plastic

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A shaving bowl is not just an accessory, it is an indispensable part of any true wet shaving routine.

When you use this soap dish, you open the door to a world of luxurious shaving, where you can create the perfect, creamy shaving foam from your favorite shaving cream or shaving soap.

Proraso's shaving bowl is not just a bowl, it is a symbol of quality and functionality.

Made from solid and durable hard plastic, this bowl is designed to stand the test of time and give you years of reliable use.

The ergonomic handle on the side of the bowl is not just a design detail, it is a necessity. It allows you to hold the bowl securely and comfortably while you work to lather up your shaving cream or shaving soap.

With Proraso's shaving bowl, you are not just provided with a tool, you get a tool that ensures a smooth and comfortable shave every single time. So let's take the first step towards the ultimate shaving experience together!
13 x 11,5 x 8 cm
Item number:400810