Mühle Shaving Towels, Cotton, 2 pcs.

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Anyone who has been shaved by a professional barber knows the joy of the perfect shave, starting with placing a warm towel in the areas to be shaved.

Mühle's shaving towels are designed for this very purpose. Due to the texture of the square cotton, the towels absorb a great deal of moisture and retain the soothing heat during use. The heat also opens the pores and softens the beard, so it can be removed easily with a sharp razor blade.

After shaving, the soft towels are used again to dry the face.

- Before shaving, dip the towel in warm water
- Place it on the areas to be shaved
- After shaving, rinse off the remaining foam with cold water
- Gently rub the skin with a fresh fresh shaving towel.
- And then the skin is perfectly prepared for an aftershave from Mühle, which is essential if you want to avoid irritated skin.
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