Iwasaki Kamisori, 6/8 Swedish Steel

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This beautiful hand forged Japanese kamisori comes directly from Iwasaki and will certainly take your straight shaving experience to a whole new level.

Made of soft and hard steel forged in the hand, after which the chamois is shaped, sanded and polished to finally get the characteristic features. The name feature which shows that this is a true Iwasaki Kamisori.

The camisole comes in an original wooden spoon and is also wrapped in paper and a protective cover during transport.

This razor can be used by both left and right handers and can handle even the most stubborn beard!

Hardness approx. 64 HRC (Rockwell)
Length: 160 mm
Blade: 49 mm

The handle is wrapped as shown in the pictures. This winding can take off if desired.
Item number:KAM00100