Floris White Rose

At this site, you will find the selection of fragrances in the White Rose series by Floris. It is an exquisite floral scent full of sweetness, but with a fresh touch.

White Rose is a rich and vibrant flower fragrance for women. The scent has fresh, green top notes that support the more floral notes of rose and cloves. The scent is enriched with delicate violets and jasmine and wrapped in soft, sweet base notes of iris, amber, and musk.

Floris Family Anecdotes:
Florence Nightingale was one of the many users of this fragrance, and in addition, Lord Admiral Nelson is said to have purchased Floris White Rose for his mistress, Lady Hamilton.

Floris White Rose, Hand Cream, 75 ml.
Nourishing hand cream with a magical and elegant scent of roses.
Floris White Rose, Hand Wash, 250 ml.
Caring hand soap with a magical and elegant scent of roses.
Floris White Rose, Hand Lotion, 250 ml.
Caring and softening hand lotion with an elegant rose scent.
Floris White Rose, Deodorant Stick, 75 ml.
Protective deodorant with a fantastic scent of elegant roses.
Floris White Rose, Fragrance Powder, 100 gr.
Fragrance powder with a delicious and elegant scent of roses.
Fragrant luxury soap in super fine packaging. Perfect hostess gift.
Before 24.75 €
Floris Single Soap, White Rose, 100 gr.
Fragrant luxury soap. Perfect hostess gift.