Floris White Rose, Eau de Toilette, 100 ml.

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Floris was founded in 1730 when Juan Floris arrived in England from his hometown, Menorca, to seek his fortune as a barber and comb-maker. However, he missed the scent of the southern sky - and therefore began to mix essences and oils to evoke the memories - this later became a world-renowned perfumery.

This delicious perfume is one of Floris' masterpieces. It keeps you fragrant all day with durable ingredients.

Fresh green top notes with volatile aldehyde notes provide a rich and vibrant rose floral scent warmed by more spicy notes of cloves. The scent is enriched with delicate violets and jasmine and wrapped in the soft sweet base notes of iris, amber and musk.

Comes in exclusive glass vial. Beautiful to have standing up front.

Floris Family Anecdotes:
The fragrance was originally launched on Jermyn Street by John Floris in the early 1800s. Diligent supporters of this fragrance have included Florence Nightingale and, in addition, Lord Admiral Nelson is reported to have bought Floris White Rose for his mistress, Lady Hamilton.
100 ml.
Top notes:
Aldehyde, Nellike, Grønne noter
Heart notes:
Iris, Rose, Jasmin, Viol
Base notes:
Rav, Moskus, Pudderagtige noter
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