Feather Hi-Stainless Double Edge Blades, 2x5 pcs. (10 pcs.)

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These Feather razors are known as "Ninja Blades" among wet shaving enthusiasts because they have a reputation for being the sharpest Double Edge Razor Blades.

The Double Edge Blades are made in Japan and are platinum coated.

The razor blades are ultra sharp and particularly thin compared to many other Double Edge razor blades.

They come in two packs of 5 pieces. (you get a total of 10). The razor blades are exactly similar to the Feather DE blades in the yellow pack, which however comes in packs of 10 pcs.

Can be used with all Double Edge razors on Proshave.

Made in Japan.
5 stk.
Number of blades:
Item number:71-S