D.R. Harris Body Care & Hair Care

At this site, we are showing the exquisite products from D.R. Harris that care for your hair and body.

It is important to use good products for your hair so it always looks well- groomed. D.R. Harris' shampoo cleanses your hair and removes residue from wax and other styling products. It also helps nourish the delicate scalp, so you avoid irritation, and it makes the hair more manageable, so you can style it easily.

Use an exquisite body-wash, bath-soap, or shower-gel from D.R. Harris when you are taking a shower. They remove bacteria and add the right amount of moisture and nourishment to make the skin feel clean, fresh, soft, and healthy.
DR Harris Arlington Bath & Shower Gel, 250 ml.
Cleanses and nourishes the skin. Leaves it soft and fragrant.
DR Harris Arlington Talcum Powder, 100 gr.
Leaves the skin silky smooth and prevents moisturized skin.
DR Harris Arlington Shampoo Bar, 50 gr.
Practical shampoo for normal hair.
DR Harris Windsor Head-to-Toe Wash, 250 ml.
Moisturizing hair and body shampoo.
DR Harris Coconut Shampoo Bar, 50 gr.
Smart shampoo bar for dry hair.