Dovo Grooming

At this site, we are showing the most exquisite grooming gear from Dovo, which is indispensable if you wish to look healthy and well-groomed.

You will find a manual trimmer for ear and nose hair that ensures cutting the hair rather than pulling it out as happens with a regular trimmer. If you would rather use scissors for that purpose, you have also come to the right place.

It is always important to have a pair of tweezers in the bathroom or in the toiletry bag. Tweezers are good to have on hand when you need to remove ingrown hair or pluck your brows. For ingrown hairs and splinters we recommend tweezers that are pointed and sharp, while a wider pair of tweezers should be used for shaping your eyebrows.
Better Be Bold Cream, No Hair - Full Care, 50 ml.
The perfect cream for the head with a mattifying effect. Avoid a shiny face.
Dovo Klipette, Manual trimmer for ear and nose hair
Manual trimmer for ear and nose hair. Made of stainless steel.
Dovo Cover for Klipette, Leather
Nice leather case for your Dovo nose hair trimmer.
Dovo Beard Scissors, 4.5”
Keep your beard well groomed and trimmed with this scissors.
Dovo Tweezers, Slant & Flat Tip
Professional tweezers with flat and slant tip.
Dovo Tweezers, Small slant tip
Tweezers with slant and flat tip.
Dovo Tweezers, Flat tip
Professional tweezers with flat tip and curved arms.