D.R. Harris Twenty Nine Eau de Toilette, 100 ml.

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Experience a world of sublime beauty with Twenty Nine Eau de Toilette from D.R. Harris.

This exclusive fragrance, enriched with the essence of rose geranium, cinnamon and clove, is inspired by our beloved range of almond oil soaps and represents our first step into the exciting world of unisex fragrances.

Twenty Nine Eau de Toilette is a distinctive and exquisite blend that creates a warm and enchanting aroma. The subtle harmony between the natural oils makes this fragrance ideal for any occasion, from busy daytime hours to quiet nights.

Created to embrace both masculine and feminine traits, our exclusive formula adds a sophisticated touch to your personality.

With Twenty Nine Eau de Toilette you enter a world of unforgettable elegance. The delicate balance between rosy notes, spicy cinnamon and spicy cloves creates a fragrance experience that enchants the senses.

Whether you're looking for a subtle everyday fragrance or want to impress on special occasions, Twenty Nine Eau de Toilette from D.R. Harris be your faithful companion.
100 ml.
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