Baxter of California Face Care

At this site, we are showing the assortment of exquisite facial care from Baxter Of California, made specifically for men and men's skin.

On a daily basis, the skin of the face is exposed to harmful influences such as pollution, sunlight, and dirt. These make the skin age prematurely - but, fortunately, it can be prevented. With the right skin care and daily care routine, you can protect against the outside elements, keeping your skin young and supple for as long as possible.

Baxter's skin care includes Facial Cleanser in both solid and liquid form, Skin Tonic, Face Scrub, Oil-free Day Cream, Face Cream with SPF 15, Eye Cream, Night Cream, Face Mask, and Lip Balm.
Baxter Of California Atlantic Glycerin Soap, Lime & Eucalyptus, 100 gr.
Glycerin soap for Face and Body - Lime & Eucalyptus.
Before EUR 12.10
Baxter Of California Pacific Glycerin Soap, Lime & Herbs, 100 gr.
Glycerin Soap for Face and Body - Lime & Herbs
Before EUR 12.10
Baxter Of California Herbal Mint Toner, 236 ml
No more shiny and oily skin! Non-alcoholic toner for men.
Baxter Of California Under Eye Complex, 22.5 ml.
Minimizes black circles and puffy eyes.
Baxter Of California Hydro Salve Lip Balm, 15 ml.
Lip balm for men. With the taste of Mojito.
Baxter of California Skin Concentrate BHA, 50 ml.
An effective and concentrated serum that improves the skin's surface.
Baxter of California Really Great Skin Set
Gift box with Face Cleanser, Face Cream and Eye Cream.