Baxter Of California Face Wash & Scrub

With the Baxter Of California products, you get luxurious products that exude masculinity. Below, you will find Facial Wash and Facial Scrub.

Facial care should be a part of every man's daily routine. Both to prevent dryness and signs of aging - and to erase any impurities. At a minimum, this means using a face wash and face cream every single day.

Baxter Of California's Facewash cleanses and removes impurities and excess grease from the skin's surface. But it doesn't leave the skin dry and tight. You will find Facewash from this brand in various variants - a regular liquid and various solid Glycerine soaps that all cleanse in depth.

A Facescrub from Baxter Of California is ideal to use a few times a week. With small exfoliating grains, a scrub goes deep, removes dead skin cells, increases blood circulation, and stimulates and optimizes the cell renewal process.
Baxter Of California Herbal Mint Toner, 236 ml
No more shiny and oily skin! Non-alcoholic toner for men.
Baxter Of California Atlantic Glycerin Soap, Lime & Eucalyptus, 100 gr.
Glycerin soap for Face and Body - Lime & Eucalyptus.
Before EUR 12.10
Baxter Of California Pacific Glycerin Soap, Lime & Herbs, 100 gr.
Glycerin Soap for Face and Body - Lime & Herbs
Before EUR 12.10
Baxter of California Really Great Skin Set
Gift box with Face Cleanser, Face Cream and Eye Cream.