Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort

At this site, we are showing the products in the series 'Ultimate Comfort' from Truefitt & Hill. The efficient products are made from very mild ingredients that make them perfect for all skin types - even the delicate and sensitive skin.

The Ultimate Comfort products are made without perfume, so you will find fragrance-free shaving creams and aftershaves in the series. The series also includes a very efficient deodorant without parabens as well as an ultra protective pre-shave oil, ensuring a close and smooth shave.

Truefitt & Hill Preshave Oil, Ultimate Comfort, 60 ml.
Protects, moisturizes and softens both skin and beard stubbles.
Truefitt & Hill Facial Cleanser, 100 ml.
Cream-based Face Wash. Cleansing and moisturizing.
Truefitt & Hill Advanced Facial Moisturizer, 100 ml.
Extremely moisturizing Face Cream for all skin types.
Set with face cleanser and face cream.
Before 64.00 €
Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Luxury Soap, 150 gr.
Keeps the skin effectively cleansed, soft, hydrated and nourished.
Truefitt & Hill Deodorant, 50 ml.
Effective Deodorant that keeps you well-scented all day.