Triumph & Disaster Body Care

Triumph & Disaster offers a comprehensive line of body care products, created for the conscious man who wants to take his well-being to the next level. This range includes everything from refreshing shower gels and nourishing body lotions to exfoliating body scrubs, all designed with a focus on natural ingredients and effective results. Enriched with elements such as volcanic ash, green tea, and argan oil, these products ensure a deep and revitalizing care that leaves the skin clean, soft, and full of life.

The Triumph & Disaster body care series has been developed to meet the special needs of the modern man for his skin care, with products that not only clean and moisturize, but also protect the skin from daily influences. The unique combination of natural extracts and advanced skin care technology in these products offers a luxurious and effective body care experience.

Triumph & Disaster YLF Wash, 500 ml.
Fantastic all-in-one wash with a pleasant scent of sandalwood and neroli.
Triumph & Disaster Shearers Soap, 130 gr.
Fast sæbebar, der giver en mild eksfoliering.
Triumph & Disaster A+R Soap, 130 gr.
Environmentally friendly, solid soap that moisturizes the skin.