Why have an ugly, colorful toothbrush standing in the front of your toothpick when you can choose a nice and subdued toothbrush that doesn't steal all the attention?

At Proshave we go up in gear - this applies to everything for shaving, personal care and toothbrushing. We want something delicious and effective gear that works, but which at the same time exudes luxury and deliciousness.

We know that a black, minimalist toothbrush will be the perfect prey for the screaming green version you are probably currently promoting. Hurry to click a new toothbrush home - and bring some good style into the bathroom. It's the little details that count!

Marvis Toothbrush, Medium
The original Marvis toothbrush. Medium hardness.
Marvis Toothbrush, Soft
Marvis toothbrush with soft brush.
LEA Toothbrush, Foldable
Super practical toothbrush that can be folded.