Tattoo Care

Here on the site we have compiled the products made specifically to care for your tattoos.

Both new and older tattoos need care, protection and maintenance, to keep shape and color, and to avoid poorly healing wounds.

Below you will find both nourishing balm and lotion specially developed for your tattoos. They are enriched with anti-bacterial and extra moisturizing ingredients that prevent infections and wounds from forming and create the perfect conditions for a quick healing process.

It is recommended that you avoid direct sun for about 4 weeks after your tattoo is healed. However, one rule of thumb is to always protect it from the sun's ultraviolet rays. These rays can fade and damage a tattoo very quickly so protect your tattoo with a sunscreen with a minimum of 30, as this will keep your tattoo nice and clean in both lines and colors for many years to come.

Gentle and moisturizing wash for tattoos. Scent-free.
Before 14.70 €
Mr. Bear Tattoo Wash, Pump, 50 ml.
Gentle and moisturizing wash for tattoos. Scent-free.
Mr. Bear Tattoo Balm, 30 ml.
A oil-based and moisturizing tattoo ointment.
Mr. Bear Tattoo Lotion, 50 ml.
A water-based and moisturizing tattoo ointment.
Set for any tattooed men or women. With Tattoo Wash and Tattoo Balm.
Before 22.05 €