StriVectin Hand Cream & Body Cream

At this site, we are showing StriVectin's Hand Cream and Body Cream; with their efficient, patented, and documented content, they transform your skin so it radiates youthfulness and well-being.

StriVectin's products are made using an advanced technology (NIA-114 ™) that has a proven effect against the most visible signs of aging - including wrinkles, limp skin, and uneven skin tone and skin surface.

It is important to apply a good hand cream as your hands are the first to show signs of aging. The StriVectin hand cream moisturizes and softens the hands to restore fullness and gives a smoother, softer skin. It prevents loss of resilience and makes age spots less visible so your hands look younger.

With the body cream, you get a nourishing moisturizer for the body, which at the same time promotes skin firmness and provides a smoother, healthier, and firmer body contour.