StriVectin Day Cream

At this site, we are showing the super efficient day creams from StriVectin.

The StriVectin face creams have an efficient, patented, and proven ability to transform your skin. They are made using the advanced NIA-114 ™ technology that treats the most visible signs of aging - including wrinkles, limp skin, skin color, and uneven skin surface.

Regardless of which face cream you choose, you will strengthen and rebuild the skin's barrier, add new energy to the skin cells, maximize skin health, and multiply the ingredients' efficiency.
StriVectin Multi-Action Restorative Cream, Multi Action, 50 ml.
Multi-functional cream that effectively combats signs of aging.
StriVectin Active Infusion Youth Serum, Multi Action, 29 ml.
Effective serum with i.a. collagen that tightens and smoothes the skin.
StriVectin SD Advanced Plus Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles,  Anti-Wrinkle, 60 ml.
Pioneering anti-aging cream for lines and wrinkles (and stretch marks).
StriVectin Double Fix™ for Lips Plumping & Vertical Line Treatment, Anti-Wrinkle, 5 ml.
Gives visibly fuller lips and minimizes the vertical lines around the mouth.
Strivectin Re-Quench Water Cream, Advanced Hydration, 50 ml.
Light, oil-free moisturizer of the most effective kind.
StriVectin Gift Box, Laugh Off Lines, Anti Wrinkle
Delicious gift box with eye cream and whipped cream.
StriVectin Super-B SkinBarrier Oil, Multi Action, 30 ml.
Facial oil that strengthens the skin. Does not leave the skin oily.