Slickhaven Beard Balm

On this page, we have collected the delicious beard balms from Slickhaven.

Slickhaven produces beard care products for the modern man who values quality and style. The products are carefully formulated with natural ingredients to ensure your beard stays healthy, soft and fragrant.

Slickhaven's Beard Balm adds moisture and nourishment to the beard, all the while taming and giving a bit of extra hold. They are enriched with essential oils and plant extracts that care for both skin and beard. The 4 different fragrance variants leave a refreshing scent.

Experience the difference with Slickhaven and turn your daily beard care routine into a luxury experience. Whether you're into the well-groomed, well-trimmed look or prefer a more natural and wild beard, Slickhaven has the perfect products to meet your needs.

Slickhaven Beard Balm, Greasy Butcher, 60 ml.
Nourishing oil with a masculine scent of i.a. leather.
Slickhaven Beard Balm, Scarecrow, 60 ml.
Nourishing beard balm with notes of hay, juniper and birch.
Slickhaven Beard Balm, Bloody Monarch, 60 ml.
Delicious beard balm. Masculine notes of tobacco and leather.
Slickhaven Beard Balm, Holy Rebel, 60 ml.
A fantastic combination of oriental and woody notes.